Where did it all start?

The restoration of infamous Taymouth Castle has come under speculation these past few months. As dusk settles over the quaint town of Kenmore, Perthshire, the eery lights of the town’s newest billionaire takeover seeps into the quiet streets.

Has this restoration project grown into a town acquisition? And if so, what exactly do the powers-that-be need with the little village? Our team has worked tirelessly to dig into the details; and as the premises remain guarded 24 hours a day, we’ve found ourselves wondering what workings would warrant so much security, other than perhaps, something to hide?

Billionaire’s bonkers bunker bonaza?

The world might be falling apart, but does the billionaire investment at Taymouth Castle offer respite to the world’s elite?

Cryogenic freezing of our global elite’s brains? A bunker to host the richest and most powerful as the world around us continues to reach new levels of depravity? Who are we to say – but could this explain the throng of security watching over the wastelands of a rundown castle, at all hours of the day?

Alien abduction in the highlands?

Has Area51 been relocated to the hidden valleys of Perthshire? We’ve heard the latest news stories about unidentified flying objects, and the truth finally coming from the American government – but what does this mean for the rest of the world?

Rumours of billionaire moguls hailing from the transatlantic wastelands, moving top government projects to quieter and less watched areas have surfaced in recent times. Could Taymouth Castle be the latest target for the relocation of Area51? We couldn’t possibly know for sure – but as ever, we wait and watch for more details emerging.

Is Taymouth Castle a front for vampire elite?

The rumoured illuminati vampire axis of power may have emerged – so what does it mean?

Has Taymouth Castle become the new host for the vampire illuminati? As renovations continue, we find it eerily telling that the Castle remains lit and operational after dark. With rumours of hidden meetings and night-time activity, we couldn’t possibly know for sure – but it’s a question we want answers to.

Time tunnel near Tummel

One of the biggest coincidences our top secret sources have found, is the Beauly Denny 500,000V powerline recently installed, and just how suspiciously close this lies to Taymouth Castle itself.

If rumours are believed to be true, time travel itself could be the latest secret to emerge under the guise of renovation. Having new found access to vast amounts of electricity – it poses the question, why else would the 500,000V powerline run so closely to Taymouth Castle, at such a perfectly coincidental time? Does time travel warrant such electricity? Or perhaps our American yuppies are using this power source to research how to bend time and space to their will, proving immortality is indeed possible for those with pockets deep enough?

Have you noticed strange happenings at Taymouth Castle?

If you’re one of the many who have witnessed strange occurrences in relation to the Taymouth Castle renovation – we urge you to step forward and speak up.

Due to the secret nature of our investigation – our identity must remain hidden. Get in touch by email, or by using our form below. LONG LIVE THE TRUTH!

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